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The Ultimate Mudder: Title Defense at Mudda-Cross Madness

In our latest video we see Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti defend his Pro-B title in the Mudda-Cross. Things do not go according to plan when John gets a slow start to the race. Watch as he fights back and then … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mudder: Title Defense at Mudda-Cross Madness

It’s a day for title defense at Highlifter Mud Nationals. Can-Am Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti, the defending Mudda-Cross Pro B champion, wakes up early Saturday morning to prepare.  Despite the David Nail concert and general rowdiness of the Mud Nationals … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mudder: The Green Thing and Frankenroid

Can-Am Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti shows off his trail riding and racing rigs — dubbed “The Green Thing” and “Frankenroid.”

Can-Am Proudly Presents: Meet John Ferranti

Can-Am is proud to present its first video installment of The Ultimate Mudder series! To explore the world of the Ultimate Mudder further, read the first story here: http://bit.ly/MeetJohnFerranti

The Ultimate Mudder: Meet John Ferranti the family man

John Ferranti is first and foremost a family man. After that comes the gearhead, the mud racer, the big personality — the rest of the stuff that helped Can-Am select John as the Ultimate Mudder in a search that spanned … Continue reading