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Can-Am Presents: Extreme mudding at Mudfest (Pt. 4)

You won’t believe what a Can-Am off-road vehicle can do in the mud. For proof, just watch the final video in our Mudfest series.

Can-Am presents: The best mods of Mudfest (Pt. 3)

There’s no doubt any Can-Am Off-Road vehicle will get the job done and then some at Okeechobee’s Mudfest. But for that special boost, many Can-Am riders mod their machines.

Can-Am presents: The Monsters of Mudfest (Pt. 2)

The only way to truly get the most out of your mudding experience is by riding a Can-Am Off-Road vehicle. Join other Can-Am riders as we show you the incredible sights, sounds and rides from Okeechobee’s Mudfest!

Mudfest Part 2: The boys from South Jersey turn getting muddy on their Can-Am ATVs into an art form

Mudfest is not about going home at night to a nice hotel. It is not about little individually-wrapped soaps. It is not about sweet-smelling shampoo and air conditioning. It’s about heat. It’s about sweat. It’s about dirt literally coming out … Continue reading

Mudfest Part 1: Okeechobee’s Mudfest is a Can-Am mudder’s paradise

  The small Floridian city of Okeechobee (population: 5,000) is a two-hour trek from Orlando, but it might as well be a million miles from Disney World. Once you turn off the Florida turnpike onto Highway 441, there’s nothing but … Continue reading