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On the Trails of Hatfield-McCoy

n 1995, I had an 185cc ATV; it was fun and cheap. After getting my share of thrills, I decided to take a break from motorcycles and off-road sports. Last year, I bought a used 250cc ATV to see if I liked it, and guess what, I did. Less than three months later I bought the Outlander 800R MAX Limited. I didn’t want to waste money starting at medium class ATV, knowing that I would only crave more power. So, I looked at the higher end models and a legal two seat ATV. The Outlander was the ATV for me. Continue reading

On the Trail: Exploring the Badger State

A while back we asked our fans on Facebook to share with us their favorite stories from the trail. Blake Buono’s story about cutting through the woods of Wisconsin on his Can-Am Outlander 800R XT caught our eye. We caught up with Blake to find out a little more about his favorite trail. Continue reading