The Ultimate Mudder: Title Defense at Mudda-Cross Madness

In our latest video we see Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti defend his Pro-B title in the Mudda-Cross. Things do not go according to plan when John gets a slow start to the race. Watch as he fights back and then … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mudder: Title Defense at Mudda-Cross Madness

It’s a day for title defense at Highlifter Mud Nationals. Can-Am Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti, the defending Mudda-Cross Pro B champion, wakes up early Saturday morning to prepare.  Despite the David Nail concert and general rowdiness of the Mud Nationals … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mudder: Arrival at Mud Nationals

Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti is a fierce and respected competitor. Watch as John arrives at Mud Nationals and prepares for the tough racing ahead while enjoying the atmosphere at Mud Creek .

The Ultimate Mudder: The biggest ATV event on the planet

This being Texas, it’s a given everything is big. There are big BBQ cook-offs, big country music concerts and big races of every kind.  Crawfish are served by the gallon. ATVs are lifted to the heavens. It’s 4,000 acres of … Continue reading

The Ultimate Mudder: Getting ready for race day

With Mud Nationals just days away, Can-Am® Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti pulls his racing rig from the shed for the first time in months and assesses the situation. Nothing, so far, is going as planned. “Mud shouldn’t be coming out … Continue reading